Wedding Photos All Couples Should Take

Capturing memories of your wedding day is priceless. Most of us choose to do this by having professional photographs taken on the big day. With you and your spouse, the wedding party and both sets of parents, taking wedding photos can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why you should decide during the planning process which particular photos you want to have taken on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is likely the most intimate day of your life, and you will want it captured on film. One way to do that is to have your photographer take a photo with you still wearing your veil, but your new spouse and you being close together under the veil. This is a unique picture that not all couples think of but one that will help you to remember the intimacy of your wedding day for the rest of your life.

No doubt you spent a good chunk of change on your wedding day footwear. While it is not the most important part of your outfit, choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes will add to your style as a bride. Have your photographer zoom in on the hem of your wedding dress with your shoes under it.

While your feet are just as important as the rest of you, also consider opting for a headshot of just you. After all, this is your big day and you deserve to stand out. Having your wedding photographer take a headshot is a great way to pay homage to those who did your hair and makeup for the occasion.

While most brides pose with their attendants in a formal way, you can make your wedding photos feel more personal by gathering your bridesmaids into a group hug or other similar pose. Years after the wedding you and your bridesmaids can look at this picture and remember the love and support they provide on your wedding day.

Depending on where you are having your wedding photos done a wide angle shot is a great way to capture a beautiful backdrop. This is something you will want if you are getting married on the beach or at another outdoor location with breathtaking views.

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable wedding photo that your guests can participate in, consider handing out some sparklers for weddings and letting everyone go wild. Your guests can write shapes or words in the air using their wedding sparklers, and best of all it is incredibly simple to setup. Most wedding photographers already know what to do, so just make sure you ask ahead of time and pick up some good quality wedding sparklers to use for the shots. In my experience, using sparklers made specifically for weddings is your best option since they will burn brightly enough to show up in the pictures while not creating too much smoke.

Since a bride never forgets her wedding cake, be sure your photographer gets a close up shot of the cake with you and your partner in the background. By focusing the lens on the cake you and your partner will appear blurry in the picture, adding an effect to it that will make a lasting impression. The result will be a soft focus photo that captures the magic of the happiest day in your life.

Posed photos are a great way to remind you of your special day, but the truly meaningful photos will be ones you don’t even realize your photographer took. Ask them to capture tender moments between you and your new spouse, or even you and your parents or grandparents.

Making memories that will last forever is an accomplishment for any married couple.