War Veteran Denied Service: ValueMags


This week, an Iraq War veteran was denied entrance to a store in Chicago with his service dog. With the seventy third anniversary of the D-Day landings coming up and Memorial Day being today, ValueMags employees were shocked at the store manager’s reaction to the service dog in his store. The service dog in this case, Angel, is war veteran Cesar Ordonez’s saving grace. It was Angel that helped him reestablish himself when he came back from Iraq. For that simple reason, Angel is his best friend and he brings her everywhere with him. However, at Broadway Food and Liquor, he couldn’t. The store manager said in a Chicago 5 interview that he asked the owner for a card as proof and he said he did not have one. Additionally, he said that the dog looked big and scary. Service dogs do not need to be certified or registered to enter into stores. It is a violation of the law to prohibit service dogs in any establishment. For servicing the United State, it is the least anyone, especially store owners, can do to say thank you to veterans. As a result, the has turned into bad publicity for the store.

Some employees from ValueMags have said that they will go the extra block to go to another corner store instead. The video that the veteran got on his phone and the quick interview from Chicago 5 showed that the manager showed no remorse for his actions. He did not understand that he did something wrong nor did he care. It is okay to make mistakes. It is about what you do to fix those mistakes that will gain back people’s trust. He did not do that. ValueMags employees distribute and market magazines for magazine publishers. Of all people, ValueMags employees know that maintaining relationships is one of the most important things. Magazine publishers are their partners. They are ValueMags’ primary business and if they cannot maintain their relationships, their business model fails. In the same way, if the store mentioned above cannot maintain healthy and positive relationships with their clients, they will lose business and likely go under. Be considerate to those around you.