The Best Female Cartoon Characters Ever Made


Intelligent, attractive and superior, that is how the female cartoon characters are most commonly shown on cartoon series. Some are just lovely ladies, while some others are powerful and superior female cartoon characters. However, not only girls adore female cartoon characters, but the boys also like them and they have many reasons why. Many cartoon series with more female cartoon characters on TV are appealing to both genders and to various groups of ages, while in the past, that was not the case. Additionally, the female animated characters always taught lessons how to live, to be brave and independent. Here is a list of the best female animated characters ever from both cartoon series and movies.

Betty Boop – Betty Boop is not only one of the best cartoon characters, but she is one of the most provocative female cartoon characters ever created. In the 1930s, Betty Boop was a cartoon sex-symbol in her own show. She has become popular by her cute voice, incredible charm, hot dresses & high heels.

Dee Dee – How can anyone resist to the fun dances of Dee Dee, the ballerina, that she shows in every episode of “Dexter’s Laboratory”? She is the big sister of Dexter, a sassy girl that always annoys her brother while he is trying to become popular by making significant scientific discoveries. Dee Dee can be very often seen dancing and destroying equipment in Dexter’s laboratory. With a cute pink tutu and white ballet shoes on her tall legs, Dee Dee has a very interesting appearance, yet more interesting voice.

Princess Jasmine – Finally, a female cartoon character from a cartoon movie, not cartoon series. Princess Jasmine appears in “Aladdin” and became the most popular cartoon princess ever. She is a gorgeous Arab princess that was the first love on many boys from the 1980s. Dark hair, beautiful eyes and traditional Arabic dress, princess Jasmine is certainly one of the most beautiful female animated characters of all times.

Daria Morgendorffer – Daria Morgendorffer, the main character of Daria cartoon series, is one of the strongest female animated characters of all times. She is smart teenage girl with high IQ and big glasses, looking like a nerd, but she never let her classmates get her down. In her cartoon series, Daria is trying to find a boyfriend and find herself as a person, as well, while dealing with many kinds of weirdos.

Wilma Flintstones – Only few may not have enjoyed “The Flintstones”, but Wilma Flintstones is one of the favorite female cartoon characters for sure. A positive, slim and cool woman, Wilma is wife of the cave-man Fred Flintstones. Wilma always cleans after Fred and when her daughter Pebbles turns 18, she starts working as a reporter for Daily Granite newspaper.

This is just a quick overview of a few of the great cartoon shows and characters. These tend to be the shows and characters we have grown to love and appreciate.