What Skin Care Products Do you Really need?


There are many skin care products about. The store, the internet, and even the house next door might have some. They tell you to buy this and to buy that to make sales. You may be over applying products you don’t really need and end up being worse than when you started. Some are true and some are already vain. With skin being the most exposed organ of the body, the question becomes: “what skin care products do you really need?”


Moisturizers keeps your skin hydrated and away from dryness. They work two ways: some trap the moisture inside the layers of the skin and some regenerate moisture lost. This way your skin will look plump and healthy even without the stress of having to go the bathroom every hour. The best moisturizers penetrate through the skin and give it more protection than those that just sit on top of the skin.


Sunscreens should already be staples in people’s lives. As long as the sun is around, there will be radiation (the sun will be around for another billion years or so). The application of sunscreen is very important as it protects you from all that harmful rays of light. These rays, if unblocked, can cause skin cancer. People over at Australia are exposed to the sun most of the time. 70% of them get skin cancer by the age of 65. Please, do put on that sunscreen.


Exfoliants are like amplifiers. They multiply the effects of all other skin care products. They also help them penetrate the skin and get the product inside. With that, the dead skin cells are easily replaced with new ones, helping your skin look younger than it actually is. However, for people with already dry skin, you should avoid putting on too much.


You can clean your face using cleansers. This type of skin care product helps you remove the excess oil (sebum) dirt, and sweat. Take it as the practical cleaning of the face that you’d have to start with before you put on everything else.

You may also opt for all-in-one products like a skin lightener that can help in many ways more than one. There may be other things you may need but these are the essentials. If you feel that you are putting too much on your skin then maybe you are being overprotective. Everything that is too much, cannot be good.