Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Labour Management Relations Look Amazing


The reputation management company understands the importance of labour management relations but when you are a small boutique agency, it isn’t necessary unless you start to grow into a massive company with several employees. A labour union involves a group of workers who organize themselves to work toward common goals in the areas of wages, hours, and working conditions. Unions are found at any level including local, national and international levels. Employees join together to increase their power to achieve goals of improved wages and benefits. Unions focus on fewer work hours, better working conditions and improved benefits. Today’s workplace is very different than the one that existed at the height of the union movement. The public sector still has high union membership. The collective bargaining process involves the process of negotiating between management and union representatives and these issues involve the following possibilities:

  • Work hours
  • Benefits
  • Wages
  • Union activities
  • Layoffs
  • Employee rights and seniority
  • Grievance handling and arbitration

Labour unions also have to settle labour-management disputes and that is why labour relations end up occurring in organizations since the manager may not be able to handle everything themselves. Most labour management negotiations result in a signed agreement without a work stoppage. The mediation part is the process of settling labour management disputes through an impartial third party whereas arbitration adds a third part who renders a legally binding decision. The process of filing a grievance in a labour union involves the worker and union representative present complaint to supervisor which leads to the union representative meets with appropriate middle-management representative which can lead to the union representative meets with appropriate top-management representative and then the complain will be submitted to arbitration which leads to the end of process. Most labour management disputes get settled without any work stoppages since they aren’t part of the organization themselves.