War Veteran Denied Service: ValueMags


This week, an Iraq War veteran was denied entrance to a store in Chicago with his service dog. With the seventy third anniversary of the D-Day landings coming up and Memorial Day being today, ValueMags employees were shocked at the store manager’s reaction to the service dog in his store. The service dog in this case, Angel, is war veteran Cesar Ordonez’s saving grace. It was Angel that helped him reestablish himself when he came back from Iraq. For that simple reason, Angel is his best friend and he brings her everywhere with him. However, at Broadway Food and Liquor, he couldn’t. The store manager said in a Chicago 5 interview that he asked the owner for a card as proof and he said he did not have one. Additionally, he said that the dog looked big and scary. Service dogs do not need to be certified or registered to enter into stores. It is a violation of the law to prohibit service dogs in any establishment. For servicing the United State, it is the least anyone, especially store owners, can do to say thank you to veterans. As a result, the has turned into bad publicity for the store.

Some employees from ValueMags have said that they will go the extra block to go to another corner store instead. The video that the veteran got on his phone and the quick interview from Chicago 5 showed that the manager showed no remorse for his actions. He did not understand that he did something wrong nor did he care. It is okay to make mistakes. It is about what you do to fix those mistakes that will gain back people’s trust. He did not do that. ValueMags employees distribute and market magazines for magazine publishers. Of all people, ValueMags employees know that maintaining relationships is one of the most important things. Magazine publishers are their partners. They are ValueMags’ primary business and if they cannot maintain their relationships, their business model fails. In the same way, if the store mentioned above cannot maintain healthy and positive relationships with their clients, they will lose business and likely go under. Be considerate to those around you.

30 May 2017

What Skin Care Products Do you Really need?


There are many skin care products about. The store, the internet, and even the house next door might have some. They tell you to buy this and to buy that to make sales. You may be over applying products you don’t really need and end up being worse than when you started. Some are true and some are already vain. With skin being the most exposed organ of the body, the question becomes: “what skin care products do you really need?”


Moisturizers keeps your skin hydrated and away from dryness. They work two ways: some trap the moisture inside the layers of the skin and some regenerate moisture lost. This way your skin will look plump and healthy even without the stress of having to go the bathroom every hour. The best moisturizers penetrate through the skin and give it more protection than those that just sit on top of the skin.


Sunscreens should already be staples in people’s lives. As long as the sun is around, there will be radiation (the sun will be around for another billion years or so). The application of sunscreen is very important as it protects you from all that harmful rays of light. These rays, if unblocked, can cause skin cancer. People over at Australia are exposed to the sun most of the time. 70% of them get skin cancer by the age of 65. Please, do put on that sunscreen.


Exfoliants are like amplifiers. They multiply the effects of all other skin care products. They also help them penetrate the skin and get the product inside. With that, the dead skin cells are easily replaced with new ones, helping your skin look younger than it actually is. However, for people with already dry skin, you should avoid putting on too much.


You can clean your face using cleansers. This type of skin care product helps you remove the excess oil (sebum) dirt, and sweat. Take it as the practical cleaning of the face that you’d have to start with before you put on everything else.

You may also opt for all-in-one products like a skin lightener that can help in many ways more than one. There may be other things you may need but these are the essentials. If you feel that you are putting too much on your skin then maybe you are being overprotective. Everything that is too much, cannot be good.

05 Mar 2017

Natural Candida Cleanse – Make Your Body Get Rid of The Destructive Fungus


For all those who have been suffering from candida overgrowth know how frustrating this can be, and more is choosing the natural candida cleanse approach, because it is the only method to achieve permanent relief from it, and here is why:

Candida Albicans

Candida albicans are responsible for the miserable yeast infections that develop as you are prescribed with antibiotics to cure infection. Such drugs kill the friendly-bacteria that reside in the digestive tract. This bacterium keeps the candida under control. Once it diminishes, candida overgrows and reproduced at an alarming rate. Over use of antibiotics contribute to even an overgrowth of candida. It is the reason why super bugs are becoming very resistant to them, so they are constantly developing new medications.

Why Conventional Treatments Do Not Work Well?

Taking medication or using suppositories from the drug store will simply alleviate the symptoms, but it is not going to cure the underlying problems related with candida overgrowth. Just natural candida cleanse can help you do this. And using the conventional treatment methods can lead to candida becoming resistant to them. Then what?

There are really no prescribed drugs that can reverse the candida effects. As a matter of fact, there is no other way to determine if you are suffering from candida overgrowth, other than the clinical tests that go by your indications and other factors. This is what actually makes a misdiagnosis probable in most of the cases.

Amazing Benefits Of Natural Candida Cleansing

There are some amazing benefits of having natural candida cleansing:

  • It is going to starve the yeast
  • Kill the yeast
  • Allows for the reproduction of friendly bacteria into the digestive tract
  • Cleanses the entire body instead of treating the signs
  • Improves health
  • Restores energy
  • It is not forever

The candida diet plan is one of the best means for natural candida cleansing, and it does not really cost a dime to get started. All you need to know here is which foods you should not consume. This can be tough, as it is a very restrictive diet pan, but isn’t your health really worth it? If you are exhibiting signs of candida overgrowth, such as headaches, craving for sweets, itching, mood swings, fatigue and the obvious frequent yeast infections, you should look at the candida diet plan.

25 Aug 2016

Wedding Photos All Couples Should Take

Capturing memories of your wedding day is priceless. Most of us choose to do this by having professional photographs taken on the big day. With you and your spouse, the wedding party and both sets of parents, taking wedding photos can quickly become overwhelming. That’s why you should decide during the planning process which particular photos you want to have taken on your wedding day.

Your wedding day is likely the most intimate day of your life, and you will want it captured on film. One way to do that is to have your photographer take a photo with you still wearing your veil, but your new spouse and you being close together under the veil. This is a unique picture that not all couples think of but one that will help you to remember the intimacy of your wedding day for the rest of your life.

No doubt you spent a good chunk of change on your wedding day footwear. While it is not the most important part of your outfit, choosing the perfect pair of wedding shoes will add to your style as a bride. Have your photographer zoom in on the hem of your wedding dress with your shoes under it.

While your feet are just as important as the rest of you, also consider opting for a headshot of just you. After all, this is your big day and you deserve to stand out. Having your wedding photographer take a headshot is a great way to pay homage to those who did your hair and makeup for the occasion.

While most brides pose with their attendants in a formal way, you can make your wedding photos feel more personal by gathering your bridesmaids into a group hug or other similar pose. Years after the wedding you and your bridesmaids can look at this picture and remember the love and support they provide on your wedding day.

Depending on where you are having your wedding photos done a wide angle shot is a great way to capture a beautiful backdrop. This is something you will want if you are getting married on the beach or at another outdoor location with breathtaking views.

If you’re looking for a fun and memorable wedding photo that your guests can participate in, consider handing out some sparklers for weddings and letting everyone go wild. Your guests can write shapes or words in the air using their wedding sparklers, and best of all it is incredibly simple to setup. Most wedding photographers already know what to do, so just make sure you ask ahead of time and pick up some good quality wedding sparklers to use for the shots. In my experience, using sparklers made specifically for weddings is your best option since they will burn brightly enough to show up in the pictures while not creating too much smoke.

Since a bride never forgets her wedding cake, be sure your photographer gets a close up shot of the cake with you and your partner in the background. By focusing the lens on the cake you and your partner will appear blurry in the picture, adding an effect to it that will make a lasting impression. The result will be a soft focus photo that captures the magic of the happiest day in your life.

Posed photos are a great way to remind you of your special day, but the truly meaningful photos will be ones you don’t even realize your photographer took. Ask them to capture tender moments between you and your new spouse, or even you and your parents or grandparents.

Making memories that will last forever is an accomplishment for any married couple.

23 Aug 2016

Pakistan Super League: Cricket Goes Green


Pakistan Super League is around the corner and cricket fans are ready to watch an exciting T20 series. It’s Pakistan’s first ever international tournament in the UAE, which is compromised on five teams including  foreign players. Every team has sixteen players, 12 national and 4 international. The mega event has become the most awaited cricket tournament because of the interesting combination of players and effective marketing strategy  by PCB.

Peshawar, Lahore, Karachi, Islamabad and Quetta are the five teams in Pakistan Super League while 24 matches will be played at different grounds in the UAE. No doubt, it’s a great achievement for a small cricket board like PCB which has limited resources and less sponsorship. Celebrates, brand ambassadors and people from all fields of life are contributing their efforts for the success of the series.

Although, some fans aren’t much happy on conducting the domestic cricket in abroad as many of them can’t get an opportunity to watch the match live by sitting in the stadium, but they are hopeful about the achievement of the tournament and want to see the Pakistani product at the main success stream. The tournament is going to send a positive image of Pakistan and will motivate youngsters for hard work.


The Pakistan Cricket Board has ascertained that more than 308 local and foreign players are taking part in the series. The management divided the players into five categories according to their skills and previous performance. Platinium, Diamond, Gold, Silver, and Emerging were the devised categories and every team had to select three members from Platinum, Gold and Diamond. They could pick five members from silver and only two from Emerging category.

Karachi Kings is the most expensive team and owned by the ARY Group in 2.6$. Qatar Oil, Leonine Global Sports, Haier and Omar Associates purchased Lahore Qalandars, Islamabad United Peshawar Zalmi and Quetta Gladiators respectively. Chris Gyle, Pietersen, Shan Watson, Darran Sammy, Kumar Sangakkara and Jimmy Anderson are some top-notch cricketers that are the part of PSL. England is on the top list with 59 foreign players while UAE at the bottom by contributing only one player.

PCB released the match schedule as well. The first match will be played between Islamabad and Quetta on February, 4 in Dubai. The final of the tournament will be conducted on February 23 between the top two teams. All matches will be played in Dubai and Sharjah where cricket has a big following while the Pakistani audience can enjoy live matches via online cricket streaming.

Pakistan Super League is a hope for the revival of Pakistani cricket. The success of the tournament is compulsory for PCB to compete for IPL. The tournament will boost up the confidence of local players and help to get refined talent for the next World Cup. PSL is a peace message to the world and reflects the deep love of Pakistanis for sports and healthy events. Enjoy the live cricket streaming and get ready to collect unforgettable memories.

30 Jan 2016

2 Wheels Self-Balancing Scooters Are These Machines Really Worth

self balancing scooter (1)

When it comes to the transportation our generation is rapidly growing to build up new machines. This time, we reached to the moon mars as well all planets. But not completed here we are also building something cool that can help in our day to day life to make our life simpler and relevant than never before.

Here we are talking about the new gadgets in the market that are the 2 Wheels Self Balancing Scooters and changing the world mini transportation. These scooters are also known as the electric scooters, smart scooter and many more name which are given them to the distributors of the scooters in various places. Generally these are imported from the china and then sold in the online world as well nearby physical stores as well. When it comes to the relevancy of the scooter these smart scooters are one of the best gadgets in the town. People are riding them and traveling to their nearest place with them. Like my friend use the scooter to travel in the university campus as well my brother use them for going to the supermarket.

About the Scooter Technology

The scooter works on the gyro sensor technology (Gyro sensors, also known as angular rate sensors or angular velocity sensors, are devices that sense angular velocity. Angular velocity. In simple terms, the angular velocity is the change in rotational angle per unit of time. – Source: Epson device ) Which help to maintain the weight of the rider while riding the scooter. The scooter is powered by the electricity via battery inside the scooter and has the 2 motors of 250W on each side. The outer cover of the scooter rigid but not of that quality because it is plastic as it can easily scratch any time.

Riding the Scooter

While you riding the scooter, you just have to stand on the scooter and pull the force via your foot in which direction you want to move. If you want to go in the forward direction then pull the force in a forward direction and for back movement pull the force in the backward direction.

If you want to turn left and right just pull up the force via your leg on that side and you will start moving on that side. Jus remember if you are a newbie than never take risks with the smart scooter it can fall you down easily. So you have to beware every time while you riding the scooter.

You can buy the scooter from the easily. Here you will get all type of reviews and specifications of the scooters you want. It will help you to choose the best scooter for your ride. Because there are many varieties like the off-roader, monorover, IO hawk and much more.

Choose wisely as these scooters start from $290 and goes to a range of $1500 easily. So be careful while investing your money to these scooters.
Be safe and start riding 🙂

18 Nov 2015

Best Feature – The Best Source Of Cutting Edge Information Related To Every Area


If you are information freak and you want to keep yourself updated with news and latest information related to any area then you should consider using Best Feature for fulfilling your desire of getting easy access to reliable and well researched information. You will also be able to get information and reviews related to featured products which will eventually help you decide whether you should consider buying that product or not.

It is true that one can also get information related to anything with the help of search engine but how you can be sure that the blog or the site which you are using contains genuine and well researched information about anything. There is no way by which you will be able to distinguish whether you should believe the information available on an unreliable website. It is better to use the help of a good and reliable information provider such Best Feature for getting your hands on genuine and well researched information.

Why should you rely on Best Feature for fulfilling your craving for latest information?

The main reason because of which you should consider selecting Best Feature over other similar sites or blogs is that Best Feature is relied upon by numerous people and all the articles or contents available on Best Feature are well researched and by far are the best contents. You will find information related to variety of areas. You won’t have to switch to some other site because of unavailability of information at Best Feature. The team of experienced and dedicated employees at Best Feature work together to offer the best result to their clients in order to meet the expectations of their clients from Best Feature.

You can find information related to almost all areas on Best Feature. The only thing which you will need to do for getting your hands on latest information will be visiting You will have access to tons of information right at the tip of your fingers. Best Feature is regularly improving as they aim to become the best source of information so that their audiences or clients can gather information related to any area on Best Feature. You will be surprised to know that apart from offering great information Best Feature also offers quality product online which are directly delivered to the clients from reputed and reliable stockiest and featured designers.

12 Nov 2015

Consider these things prior to buying Christmas trees


The Christmas season is just about upon us and numerous homes will soon be enhanced with splendid improvements and shimmering lights. A few families have the custom of picking a particular topic consistently and truly get down to business on their enrichments while others simply incline toward the customary regular Christmas tree to finish the occasion temperament. It is dependably an incredible affair to accumulate around the Christmas tree when opening gives and visiting relatives. Be that as it may, before you purchase Christmas tree from Hilltop Christmas Tree Farms, it is best to consider the accompanying focuses:

The best area

Have a decent check out your home and choose what might be the best area for a Christmas tree. On the off chance that conceivable select a spot where all sides of the tree are obvious. In the event that space is an issue then the best approach would be to gauge the zone where you would find the tree and bear in mind to consider the stand. You ought to additionally bring a measuring tape when you go to purchase the tree to ensure that you get the right size as most trees will look a great deal littler than they really are when seeing them out in the open.

Consider the motivation behind the Christmas tree

A few sorts of trees like Douglas fir or Balsam Fir have a decent fragrance which can truly be inspiring. The Christmas tree that can convey a great deal of decorations are either Scotch pine or Blue Spruce. These sort of trees have solid, wide branches that can suit various types of adornments.

Ask with the merchant how old the tree is

Youthful trees still have that green appearance. The needles have a cleaned look with a special case of a couple chestnut tips. You can likewise attempt the drop test whereby you can lift the tree and drop it on its stump. In the event that needles tumble off from the trees, odds are the tree is in its senior stage.

Place the tree in water when you return home

Most types of tree can go up to 8 hours after the storage compartment is cut and still take up water. Keep your tree far from warmth sources, for example, chimneys or radiators. A lower room temperature will stop the tree drying out to rapidly and draw out its life.

29 Oct 2015

How to Use StumbleUpon [Infographic]

StumbleUpon is a unique social media platform which sends direct traffic to your website. With StumbleUpon you are not competing for recognition, attention or clicks; you are simply relying on your content quality and its ability to engage website visitors above the fold. Here is an Infographic that shows StumbleUpon Infographic especially for small businesses and bloggers.


Infographic Source:

27 Oct 2015

Canadian Health Statistics [Infographic]

HealthDoc is pleased to announce this newly created infographic which shows the state of health care in Canada. The infographic, which shows how many Canadians suffer from major health conditions such as asthma and diabetes, or who are exposed to risk factors such as second hand smoke, is intended to help build awareness about health care and open data.

Source: Courtesy of HealthDoc

25 Oct 2015