Big Time Heists [Infographic]

When you think of a burglary, it’s easy to often think of a home invasion or a company break-in. What we typically don’t think about are big-time heists where millions of dollars worth of money and jewelry are stolen. This infographic explores the largest heists in history, and they are nothing short of being unbelievable. So lock up your valuables and check this out!


14 Feb 2017

3 Ways Haulage Companies Can Attain Fuel Efficiency

There are certain ways that haulage companies can make their businesses more profitable, and one of these is improving fuel efficiency. While there may be conflicting opinions with regards how this can be achieved, the following tips have been proven to help hauliers reduce fuel consumption, and thereby increase their profits.

Use Advanced Technology


Advanced technology, or the use of high-tech gadgets and devices to enable professionals to accomplish their jobs quickly and more efficiently, exists for a reason, and haulage companies cannot deny the advantages that technology offers in terms of growth and profitability. In the context of improving the fuel efficiency of haulage trucks, here we refer to currently available software systems and on-board tools that enable drivers to carefully monitor their performance and make real-time decisions regarding the best routes. Not only that, but there is also so-called cruise control software that enables vehicles to achieve as much as four per cent in fuel savings. This is a big deal when you consider that a typical fleet of delivery trucks consumes tens of thousands of litres of fuel in any given month.

Regularly Inspect Your Vehicles

Haulage companies that care about achieving actual growth cannot afford to make wasteful decisions, especially when it comes to the equipment they use every day, such as their delivery trucks. Bigger is not always better and you must ensure that the vehicles you have can efficiently handle the kind of jobs you take on in your daily operations. For example, if you use trucks with vast amounts of cargo space, most of which is underutilised, then you’ll be running into the red quickly. Moreover, improving fuel efficiency can be achieved by regular careful inspection of your vehicles, as even the smallest misalignment can increase fuel consumption. Tyres with insufficient pressure, for example, forces the vehicle to burn more fuel than is needed.

Educate and Train Your Drivers

But then again, all the fancy new equipment cannot help you achieve more if the most important element of all, the human operator, is left out of the game. The most important resource of haulage companies, and all organisations for that matter, is its people. And in the context of achieving better fuel efficiency in daily operations, we specifically refer to the drivers of those heavy vehicles that actually do all the hauling. Drivers must be thoroughly coached and trained to fix fuel-wasting issues on the road and also to increase their awareness of the smallest things that negatively affect fuel usage. Constantly going beyond the speed limit, for example, can stress out the engine, the small mechanical parts, and increase the rate of wear and tear of a vehicle. On the other hand, there are proactive ways a driver can go about the business of transporting their goods from point A to point B without causing too much strain on their truck, and these should be inculcated in their minds to improve their sense of professionalism.

07 Feb 2017

10 Things A Professional Wedding DJ Should Have


So, you’ve decided to start your career as a disc jockey and perhaps you intend to start from weddings. Remember, there is nothing in the world that comes without price. So, you have to prepare yourself to spend loads of time marketing your services and polish your skills at the same time. While learning technicalities is totally your own business, we’re sharing what clients expect from Kelowna wedding DJs. Or you can learn directly from the leaders. For a decade, Airwaves Music has been featuring in weddings and concerts, and they have plenty to talented wedding DJs Kelowna who can help you kick-start your career.


Based on their experiences and data from different clients, here’s a list of 10 things that you need learn, to be become a professional wedding DJ Kelowna.

  1. Past Performances

First thing client’s gonna ask, “Do you have a CD of your music or a video from a prior wedding where you performed?” That’s tricky, isn’t it? You need to work free for your friends and family members and make CDs and videos of your music, so that you can show it to your clients.

  1. Assistance

Clients expect a lot more from wedding DJs Kelowna than just playing CDs. You’ll be asked, “Can you assist me in choosing the music for my processional, recessional, father-daughter dance, etc.?” So, do your research according to the taste and flavor of different age groups.

  1. Your Music Library

Clients will be interested in your collection too. They may ask you, “How extensive is your music library or song list? What genres can you cover?” So, be prepared to answer that.

  1. How Updated You Are

Seasoned wedding DJs always keep their music library updated. A question, “How do you keep your music collection up-to-date?” can easily be answered if you love all kinds of music, not just any one genre.

  1. Be Flexible

Next thing your prospect customer’s going to ask, “Are we guaranteed to have the perfomer(s) of our choice at our event?” be flexible and open to suggestions.

  1. Backups

One of the basic concerns for clients, “If the DJ or one of the band members scheduled for my event is unable to perform for some reason, do you have a backup replacement ready to go?” So, make sure you have a team of DJs, and it should be increasing with your success.

  1. Music for Breaks

“Do you take any breaks? What music will be provided during the breaks?” Of course, you do. So what music you’re going to play during breaks.

  1. Value Added Service

Another question that may just nail the deal, “Do you act as the “emcee” and make all of the announcements?” If you do that, it would be a huge plus for you.

  1. Motivate the Crowd

You should understand the mood of the crowd and try different music to set their mood for dancing.

  1. Avoid Misunderstanding

Taking and entertaining guests’ request and submitting, “Do Not Play” request keeps things under control. You can easily avoid inconveniences and misunderstanding that way.

20 Dec 2016

Designer Clothing – Are Men More Stylish Than Women?


Fashion and style is nothing but a state of mind. It has been the custom in our society that women are generally the ones who pay more attention to the outfits they wear and men just wake up to put something on. This way of thinking is changing rapidly.

Today, we can confidently say that men too, are becoming more and more conscious and aware of what they want to wear and like to wear. In fact, most men pre-plan their outfits and it is the women who decide on their outfit at the last minute.

The fashion industry is a vast industry which comes up with increasingly trendy outfits that are made with quality material. The cost of these clothes is very reasonable and they are available on several online platforms as well. Tata CLiQ Luxury is one such site where extremely fashionable and luxurious clothes are available at low rates.

There are many men who like to pay extra attention to the clothes they wear. They buy mens designer clothes after careful consideration and comparison of the various talented designers in the market. The designers and manufacturers are coming up with more and more original styles and patterns for men. They realize that the taste of the men of today is evolving and they do not want to fit into a box.

Men’s designers include accessories too and have a wide range of belt, shoes and jackets. So much are the men of today conscious about what they wear and how they wear it, that there are specially designed handkerchiefs available in the market.

Using sites like Tata CLiQ, men find the best deals online for clothes and accessories of the best quality. They too, are learning to make smart purchases that allow them to look even smarter. The men of today have taken a step forward and are now informed of all the latest trends, just like women.

The term fashion has gained multiple levels where scope is concerned, due to the increase in men’s designer clothes. Men are evolving leaps and board where their sense of fashion is concerned. They opt for outfits that go hand-in-hand with the occasions. They have become knowledgeable about the latest styles and accessories.

The exposure that they receive through the internet helps them comprehend not only the variety, but also the concept of haute couture and how to apply it in daily life. Online shopping has indeed made life à la mode for men.  Men can shop whatever they want according to their tastes and likes.

It is safe to say that men’s fashion is has now achieved a perfect balance between detail and functionality. The heterosexual men of today can, very confidently, pick out their outfit
and pull it off, no matter casual or formal.

26 Nov 2016

The Pathophysiology Of Drug Abuse


Drug addiction and drug abuse is quite a dangerous and destructive habit which not only destroys the life of the addict but can also destroy a family and a society as well. This canker is spreading so fast and we have to do something to control this.

There are lots of ways through which drug abuse and drug addiction can be detected. The saliva drug tests are the best way to do so as saliva tests cannot be cheated and that is why it is being used in the schools and offices to test the students and employees on a monthly basis. Moreover, nicotine patches and rehabilitation centers are also used for drug addicts in order to treat them in a timely manner.

But drug abuse has more psychological effects than physical ones. Drug addiction effects the brain directly and changes it in such a way that the person feels addicted towards the use of drugs and situation can be troublesome in case of tolerance and withdrawal of the substances. Therefore, it is time to discuss the pathophysiology of drug abuse to understand the effects of drug abuse on human brain.

Pathophysiology of Drug Abuse:

In order to understand about the pathophysiology, you can follow the link. Drug addiction severally affects the brain of the addict along with affecting the organ system of the person to a damaging point. Mind changing substances like drugs and alcohol, etc. attack the natural reward system of the body either willingly or unwillingly resulting in euphoric effects on the drug addict. This phenomenon is produced due to the release of dopamine, a natural neurotransmitter which controls movements, motivation, emotion, feelings of pleasure and cognition.

This release of dopamine is used for the body’s natural behavior moreover it initiates the cycle for repeating itself in the same manner. The reward system is filled with dopamine in restricted amounts from the activities like eating and sex. When an overwhelming amount of chemical substance is introduced in the body and euphoric effects are produced, the brain stimulates the body to repeat the same action repeatedly until it becomes a habit.

The consumption of addictive drugs make the person to act impulsively when the reasoning system of the brain delay the particular action. This reasoning system of the human brain is circumvented which results in unwanted actions that can have negative effects on the life of an addict. Read the pathophysiology of drug abuse here.

13 Sep 2016

How Professional Therapists Can Help

Are you not happy with life? Is there an emotional pain that’s keeping you from living happily? Are you surrounded by work-related issues? Have you been taking drugs, alcohol and you don’t know how to get back to normal life? In any of these problems, you should consult psychotherapy clinic to get ultimate solution.

psychotherapy-01.jpg (696×550)

People have been facing a lot of troubles in life but they often ignore professional advice to tackle them.This is why stress, anxiety, emotional pain, lack of confidence, boredom or other issues surround them throughout their lives. If you’re not most of them, you can consult licensed therapists in Toronto to discuss your problems.

Ellen Starr Psychotherapyis a reputable clinic that offers licensed therapists Torontoand has maintained a good track record for years. In any of the following issues, they can help you with their expert services and advices.

  1. Lack of Confidence

If you’re dealing with poor confidence issue; inability to make decisions, fear of being ignored, socio-phobic issues, incompetence of some kind, you can overcome this feeling by consulting licensed psychotherapists in Toronto. They are trained and have experience of assessing your pains and feelings, and they can offer you best advice. Not only do they suggest therapies and medications, they are going to give you a nice little comfort zone where you can start to live a confident life.

  1. Difficult Married Life

Among factors that cause psychological problems, poor married life and unhealthy relationship with spouse holds the top position. It occurs when spouses have low tolerance, lack of patience, and minimum understanding. Couples need to give space and look at the good time they spent together. If you’ve been through difficult married life, its better to consult a therapists before it gets worse.

  1. Mental Illness

Toronto Therapists are professionally trained and they have extensive knowledge to rectify causes that account for mental illness. If anyone in your family is going through such problem, instantly contact reputable therapist in your locality; otherwise, the problem may become harder to resolve.

Common Mental Illnesses

  1. Addiction is the most common type of mental illness. And it is quite hard to give away. You need to have strong will power, family support, mental strength and self-control to overcome addiction. Apart from your own efforts, psychotherapy clinics can help you by assessing your level of addiction and recommending you proper medication and therapies.
  2. Similarly, bad behavior can be changed and attitudes can be altered in a positive way. Therapists use following techniques:
  • Cognitive behavioral therapy
  • Clinical hypnosis

Either one of them, or combination of both, can be applied to get the results.

  1. Lack of Awareness about Inner Strengths

Finding your inner strength requires mental exercise, but today, with so much to do in a limited time, we can hardly communicate to our inner-self. This is where we tend to forget who we actually are and what we are meant for. Consequently, we fail to live the way we should. If you are having difficulty in improving your lifestyle, getting promotions, good grades in exams, or anything similar, better consult a therapist to find the right solution.

12 Sep 2016

10 of the Best Longboard Terms Explained [Infographic]

10 of the Best Longboard Terms Explained


09 Jun 2016

The Latest Celebrity Gossip News


In the world of entertainment, when it comes to the gossips of the stars then you should know that people always want to listen and the see the insights of everything. What celebrities are doing these days? How they behave backstage? Is there any affair going on between them? These sorts of questions always become the headlines of any paper and any channel. We are here to tell you how you can find the best celebrity gossip news and what are the mediums that you should follow to get all the news, you want to hear about your favorite stars. You should know that there are plenty of web blogs talking about the celebrities and the best way to find something exciting and new about the celebs is the social media. You obviously cannot ignore the power of social media.

If you want to get the latest gossips and latest news about the celebrities then we have just the right things to tell you about and you can find all the information through these mediums.

Social media

You should know that when it comes to the hot news about the celebrities then fans will always turn to the twitter and will see the tweets from other celebs,see what they have to say about the news. Twitter is actually a place where you can link to all the hot gossips and tweets from the celebs. You should also know that whenever there is a news about a celebrity then you will first find it on the social media and that is why you will have to make sure that you are subscribing to the best channels on social media who will break the news abruptly. If you want the latest news about the celebrities and want to know what they are up to then you should check out celeb gossip news and will be able to find all the hot stories about the celebrities.

gossip.jpg (450×278)

Do your research

You should know that if the news is out then you will have to do some research and digging to check if it is really true or not. There are plenty of sites and blogs out there that will confirm the news for you. And, lastly, if the information is on TV then it will be true. You can find all the news on different celeb blogs and you will have to do some research to find the best.

10 Mar 2016

Dennis Wong And YOR Health Celebrate Member Loyalty With YOR Rewards

Rewards are great. Everyone likes to be rewarded. That’s why YOR Health believes in recognizing customer loyalty generously. YOR Rewards was created to encourage and celebrate members for committing to the betterment of their health. Recently, Dennis Wong, YOR Health co-founder, discussed the many perks of one of the richest and most rewarding Loyalty Programs in the industry.

YORHealthSquareLTBLUE.png (300×300)

Q: Thank you for taking the time to talk to us today.

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: It’s great being here. Thanks for having me.

Q: What is YOR Rewards?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: YOR Rewards is a free loyalty program that allows members to earn points with every purchase.

Q: How do you sign up for YOR Rewards?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Signing up is easy. All you have to do is set up a monthly AutoShip order of $25 or more, and you can start taking advantage of YOR Rewards TODAY.

Q: What’s included with YOR Rewards?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: As a member, the benefits are fantastic. You’ll get access to promotional offers, free gift offers, birthday offers, and instant savings on monthly AutoShip orders. Earn enough points and you’ll earn better and bigger benefits as you move up towards top rewards levels.

Q: How many Rewards levels are there?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: We have four levels: Premier, Premier Plus, Elite, and Elite Plus. As you move up the rewards levels you unlock bigger and better discounts, prizes and offers.

Q: What can I expect to experience at the Elite Plus level?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: At this level you’ll experience the full benefits of this program – especially the instant 20% AutoShip discount and the 3x point multiplier.

Q: How can I become an Elite Plus level member?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Levels are determined by the accumulated value of the initial order and the AutoShip orders. Once you reach $1,000 in accumulated consecutive AutoShip orders, you’ve hit Elite Plus level.

Q: Is it easy to redeem points?

Dennis Wong YOR Health: Yes. Simply place an order online, and you will be prompted to redeem points before check out. Check the box next to the products that you would like to pay for with rewards points, and check out.

Q: Do my points ever expire?

Dennis Wong, YOR Health: Yes. Unredeemed points expire 12 months after they are earned.

19 Feb 2016

Eating Disorders Among Athletes: Long Distance Running


Athletics has gotten highly competitive, and the stakes of winning are very high resulting in extremely strict conditions to perform optimally on the tracks is a major challenge for athletes and coaches these days.  A winning performance could change the destiny and brand value of an athlete.  To achieve the feats on the track, lot goes on behind the preparations and it is found that eating disorder is on the rise amongst athletes.  To enhance performance, heavily monitored body for fat, sugar, electrolyte, etc. rules out many foods for consumption by an athlete to keep winning and improving the performance records.  As such certain other effects develop and one such effect is eating disorder.

The two main medical conditions experienced by doctors treating running athletes is anorexia nervosa and obsessive compulsive disorders.  Both these disorders are to a certain extent psychological in nature due to the pressure of competition and performing optimally.  The athletes rarely admit that they have an eating disorder and thus treatment becomes a challenge.  These conditions are seen in athletes mostly in developed countries where the stakes of winning and losing are high, where the prestige and record of the athlete take precedence over the body metabolism.

So, the feelings of self-esteem and competition juxtapose to form a wrong thought process.  Mind Health Plus, a popular psychology blog  informs that  if the 1000-calorie diet is recommended for the athlete by the coach or nutritionist, the psychology of the athlete could be well a 700-calorie diet would make him/her much better off.  This self-created thought to compete much better is the cause or start of eating disorders.  Such behaviours if it becomes a habit, in turn, leads to binge eating or excessive indulgence in food offseason, and then feelings of guilt creep in leading to forced vomiting of ingested food ( a disorder of bulimia).   Being overtly conscious of everything is being consumed as the “pressure to perform” thought makes the athlete a wee bit crazy about everything else in life, not just food which can often lead to mood disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders.  Such change in behavioural pattern can have devastating effects not just on the athlete’s health but also adversely affect the performance once the athlete has peaked out.

Now that these likely eating disorders are broadly identified, the solution to reduce such eating disorders must be thought of.  The coach is the best person to counsel regarding all these aspects for which the coach must be trained to think of not just being a physical trainer of an athlete but also a friendly counselor.  Most pertinent points that a coach can inculcate into the athlete being trained for any event is to counsel the athlete to feel real about life.  Once the thought of reality drowns into an athlete’s mind, reality sinks in and they become more conscious of taking care of their body not just to perform for an event, but to live life fully with zest and appropriate control of emotional quotient. Such an approach might accentuate to enhance the performance of an athlete.

Secondly, a coach must be thorough with good knowledge of the nutritional requirements of the musculature of the body to respond without stress and function optimally in a competitive setting during the event.  Keeping a very watchful eye on these aspects and monitoring and fine-tuning the requirements of the individual athlete’s requirement will not only improve the athletes psychology but removes the pressure of performance during the actual event.

Thirdly, the ill effects of performance enhancing drugs need to be totally discouraged by the coaches, and they must be strict in only training those prospects who fulfill their criteria to train.  Such an inside-out approach fills in the lacuna of getting the appropriate athletes into the track to perform.

Lastly, professionalism is all about approaching a situation through past experiences and performing within the framework of set objectives to achieve the end goal.  This balanced style of management will go a long way in producing athletes of good quality if appropriate training coupled with appropriate coaching.  A thoroughly professional approach with a compassionate view of not just an athlete’s performance but also his/hers off track well-being will not only attract talent with better potential but also produce informed citizens to the nation.  Sports in any form are the single most unifying and balancing factor for the well-being of society as a whole.  How well we train our present day athletes with the future in mind will pave the way for a futuristically better performing athletes.  So the issues of eating disorder seen in athletes must be addressed with utmost concern and care as even though it might appear as short term problem affecting a few athletes, it can multiply into an avalanche of an issue in future.

08 Feb 2016