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Gaining Peace Of Mind Against Child-Abduction With Family Gps Tracker Apps


Recently with an increase in child locator devices, one can say that this a new means of surveillance. There is an increase in the number of abductions over the period of time which has made the parents concerned about their child. Family GPS tracker has come up to ease the current situation and to allow the parents to locate their child within the few yards of where he has gone missing.

Kidnapping and abduction rate has increased significantly and one of the most important things to take note of is that the people who abduct are mostly within family. There is seldom a kidnapping done by a stranger. In most of the cases this kidnapping leads to murder mostly due to the fact that it is planned in that way or due to the fear of being identified by the victim. So the strangers are not the one to be scared of, the potential danger is in the family. Stranger such as police or guard can even act as a protector. Under such circumstances, parental control for ios is necessary and unavoidable.

Take measures before it’s too late

Before something happens it is important to take measures as that can prevent abduction. Moreover such a technology will reduce the tension of the parents and provide them with the necessary peace of mind. Even if the kids are in their 20s then also the fear does not leave, it remains, so such technology is important to make you feel that the kids are safe and sound. After all, of what use is technology, if it can’t safeguard our loved ones.

Other than GPS tracking device there are technologies that gives out alarms that can be heard over a long distance. There are ranges of product that works inside a short distance may be when your child is lost inside a shopping mall or for a long distance locator or a watch with alarm which a child can activate when he is being abducted which will act similar to a scream.

The GPS and cellular devices are useful in acting as locator but there are certain problems with these devices. As we know that GPS may not work in tall building or spaces where you cannot see the sky and cellular devices depend on the networks. Moreover, both types of devices are dependent on battery so if the device run out battery it can be problematic.

11 Nov 2015

How To Design A Child Custody Agreement To Get The Custody Of Your Child?


Whenever it happens that a child’s parents are not married, there are chances that they opt for child custody agreement which sets rules and boundaries for parenting. It can also be used when the parents of a child are getting divorced or separated. Whenever a family is in a dispute over the custody of a child, child custody agreement can be used. The situation varies from person to person and sometimes it is not even necessary to file for child custody agreement, but the case is not that easy every time. There are times when you need legal help in order to enforce the custody agreement from your side.

Child custody agreement can be very technical at times and you need to know the basics right before you jump into the scene. Once the things move into the court, there are many options which a judge can enforce from. You should be prepared beforehand to work with your lawyer on this.

What is a custody agreement?

A custody agreement is always court issued and you cannot overlook this fact. It is the ultimate decision of the court even after the parents have agreed to the terms and apply for agreement in the court. There are multiple remedies and legal options to enforce custody orders. Here is where a lawyer comes handy for you. He will act as a guide to you and will help you judge your options better.

Once you take the matter into a court, you must know what to expect in turn, the other parent is equally entitled to exercise legal proceedings. Both of you are legally entitled to a hearing and this allows both of you to keep your side in front of the court and clarify your demand for custody. There are many ways to enforce custody order and it is completely in the hands of the court to decide on which one to use in a case. The custody order is generally based on the best interest of the child and keeping in mind the future of the child.

What it contains?

A child custody agreement is  prepared by the parent of the child and is kept in front of the court to decide whether giving the custody of the child to a parent is in the best interests of the child or not. It includes the following:

  • Parent/parents having physical or legal custody of the child
  • Schedules related to parenting, including visiting, holidays and other parenting time
  • Pick-ups and drop off from home
  • How the decisions of the child’s religion, education and other extra-curricular activities will be made
  • How the changes to child custody agreement is to take place.

The agreement must include everything clearly and the parents should be specific and clear about the terms used. Any flaws in the agreement will always keep the door opened for the birth of other custody agreements.

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01 Aug 2015