What Causes Hair Damage? [Infographic]

Pacific Breeze Salon in Thousand Oaks, CA can help you fight hair damage with these great tips. From dry frizzy hair to whether to comb you hair when wet or dry, and when to use product on your hair, our tips will help you keep your hair looking great. For more information, please contact one of our talented stylists.


28 May 2017

Distribution Channel Decisions and Logistics


Every firm like the GWC Valve company chooses how to distribute its goods and its services. They must decide what channels they will use and what the degree of intensity will be in each channel in order to be able to reach their target market. When selecting distribution channels, there are some common ideas regarding complex, standardized, and start-up products. The complex distribution channels are expensive, custom made, or they are perishable products that move through shorter distribution channels involving few or no intermediaries. The standardized products or items with low until values usually pass through relatively long distribution channels. When it comes to the start up products, companies often use direct channels because they can’t persuade intermediaries to carry their products, or because they want to extend their sales reach.

Retailers are carefully selected to enhance the product’s image to ensure that well-trained personnel will contribute to customer satisfaction. There are different levels of distribution intensity including the intensive distribution, the selective distribution and the exclusive distribution. The distribution intensity is the number of intermediaries or outlets through which a manufacturer distributes its goods. The intensive distribution involves a firm’s products in nearly every available outlet, and requires the cooperation of many intermediaries. For the selective distribution the manufacturer selects a limited number of retailers to distribute its product lines. The exclusive distribution involves the limits that the market coverage in a specific geographical region that will enhance a product’s image.

The choice of distribution channel creates the final link in the supply chain for a company who has physical goods and whom is a retailer. For the supply chain this involves the complete sequence of suppliers that help to create a good or service and deliver it to business users and final consumers. The logistics the process of coordinating the flow of goods, services, and information among members of the supply chain.

27 Apr 2017

Knowing These Secrets Will Make Your Labour Management Relations Look Amazing


The reputation management company understands the importance of labour management relations but when you are a small boutique agency, it isn’t necessary unless you start to grow into a massive company with several employees. A labour union involves a group of workers who organize themselves to work toward common goals in the areas of wages, hours, and working conditions. Unions are found at any level including local, national and international levels. Employees join together to increase their power to achieve goals of improved wages and benefits. Unions focus on fewer work hours, better working conditions and improved benefits. Today’s workplace is very different than the one that existed at the height of the union movement. The public sector still has high union membership. The collective bargaining process involves the process of negotiating between management and union representatives and these issues involve the following possibilities:

  • Work hours
  • Benefits
  • Wages
  • Union activities
  • Layoffs
  • Employee rights and seniority
  • Grievance handling and arbitration

Labour unions also have to settle labour-management disputes and that is why labour relations end up occurring in organizations since the manager may not be able to handle everything themselves. Most labour management negotiations result in a signed agreement without a work stoppage. The mediation part is the process of settling labour management disputes through an impartial third party whereas arbitration adds a third part who renders a legally binding decision. The process of filing a grievance in a labour union involves the worker and union representative present complaint to supervisor which leads to the union representative meets with appropriate middle-management representative which can lead to the union representative meets with appropriate top-management representative and then the complain will be submitted to arbitration which leads to the end of process. Most labour management disputes get settled without any work stoppages since they aren’t part of the organization themselves.

13 Apr 2017

Three Ways To Slash Business Costs


Many business owners and entrepreneurs feel that the goal of business is to expand quickly to make as much money as possible and the only way to do this is to spend, spend, spend. If there were a graveyard for businesses that died as a result of spending more than they ever made, however, it would probably be larger than all the graveyards for humans combined. On the other hand, businesses that are constantly slashing costs and cutting corners are the bane of most of their employees and if you cut costs by cutting the quality of your product, you also lose customers.

There is such a thing as smart spending, however, and that includes doing a cost/ benefit analysis of all spending. In other words, are your expenditures genuinely gaining you more than you are spending on them? Not all spending is good spending but it can also be costly to not spend on things that are important. Here are three great ways to slash business costs without sacrificing quality or your employee’s happiness.

1. Track expenditures

One of the first things almost any financial planner will tell people looking to get a handle on their finances is to simply write down everything they spend. Before you can make decisions about what is and isn’t most important to you, you have to have a clear picture of exactly where all of your money is going. Thanks to a wider variety of credit lines, it’s also easier than ever to spend more than you are earning.

What is true for individual financial management is also true for businesses. Many times, when people start writing down everything they spend, they suddenly realize they are spending $300 a month or more just on coffee or nearly $1,000 a month on Ubers. These expenses don’t seem that big when they are spending $5 here or $25 there, but when you add them up over the course of a month or year, they can seem outrageous.

Hopefully, you already have a bookkeeper or accountant keeping track of your expenditures, but often when people do have a bookkeeper or accountant handling their finances, they don’t take the time to really sit down and go over every one of their expenditures with a fine-tooth comb. Some of the biggest business expenses will be in the form of small reoccurring expenditures of $100 or less. Take some time to sit down with your monthly finances and figure out what is really important and where are you hemorrhaging money on things that just aren’t that important to you.

2. Get a handle on telecom

In the digital age, businesses can benefit greatly from having employees equipped with company cell phones and tablets. The problem is that while the hardware is a one-time expenditure, the data is not. Data consumption is rising at an almost astronomical rate, and so are the costs. While you may not have a problem with your employees using their cell phone or tablet to stream movies or play video games on their devices during off-work hours, the problem is, you are paying for the data they are using while doing so. Telecom cost management is crucial for managing business expenses and Wandera can help. Wandera can show you where data is being used, block certain sites from being accessed and help you set caps and limits on data usage.

3. Negotiate long-term versus month-to-month contracts

Negotiating with vendors is a great way to drive costs down by working out package plans. You may be currently using two vendors for items that one vendor can easily supply. By combining products or services, you can often get a discount. You can also often work out a yearly price at a discount for certain services you may currently be paying for month-to-month.

07 Apr 2017

Benefits of Purchasing Items in Bulk


Grocery shopping is something people do multiple times throughout the year. Some people go once a week, while other go even more than that. With some much shopping being done, people probably have strategies for how they purchase the things they want and need, including buying items bulk. Not too many people prefer this option, but with there being many benefits to doing so, it is something more people should consider.

Here are some of the benefits of purchasing items in bulk.


One of the main reasons people choose to purchase items in bulk is because they get to save money. Compared the amount they would spend buying just one of these items on separate occasions, buying certain items in bulk can save them a lot. In addition to saving on the actual items, you can cut down on the cost of gas as well.

Fewer trips to the store

Think about how many times you go to the store in a week or month. It may be more than you actually need to, especially if you are buying the same items over and over again. To avoid having to take those unnecessary shopping trips, consider buying things in bulk.


Going to the grocery store and picking up everything you need can take time. Between driving there, navigating through the store and finally checking out, you could easily spend one to two hours every time you go. If you buy items in bulk, not only will it be fewer shopping trips, it will be less you have to buy when you guy. Since you’ll be buying less, you don’t have to spend as much time in the store.

Whether you shop at Sam’s Club or another store, you’ll have to get food for you and your family. Grocery shopping take time, money and energy, so if there is a way to make the process easier, people should consider. Purchasing items in bulk may seem silly, but it has made shopping a lot easier for a lot of people.

29 Mar 2017

Are You A Nervous Person? Here Is How To Get Over It Today


There is nothing more annoying than actually being nervous about pretty much everything. Everyone has been nervous at some point in their life. However, although, nervousness is a rather healthy emotion even if it might feel a bit unhealthy at times, feeling it is actually quite natural. However, there are those people out there who are taking is a little bit over the edge.

Are you a bit nervous?

In particular, there are those people will get nervous about exams or about talking to a large crowd. That is the normal and the given. But if you’re not one of those people, however? What if you belong to the other lists of people. The people get nervous about pretty much everything. About going on a bus people, about eating for the others, about pretty much anything that might involve them doing something productive.

You need to make sure that, in simple situations, you will need to relieve yourself from all that anxiety. It is definitely not going to work for you. Just think about it like this. Let’s say that you are nervous about your first date or the first day at work or a job interview or meeting or examination at school. If you take action today, if you take a few simple steps to relieve yourselves from all the nervousness then we can guarantee that that will be something you will never regret.

The steps that need to be taken

The first thing you need to do is to make sure that you will figure out a way to boost your confidence. Everyone has been young at some point in their lives. Everyone has been nervous in the first date or in the first job interview. You need to convince yourself and realise the fact that there is a reason why you’re getting this interview and there is a reason why you’re on that date you deserve to be there. Say that to yourself over and over again. Realise that you’re worth it.

You need to figure out a way to take the pressure off. Beforehand that is. Perhaps, a little bit of exercise could help you. A good meal or even a good movie. Anything that will be able to relax you. You are going to take it one step at the time. Eventually, the nervousness will disappear. And, during the interview or the date or the examination you are going to have to try and bring back the feeling you had while you are exercising or how much fun you had watching the movie. The nervousness will go away before you realise it.

Of course, meditation is definitely something you want to do. Go online and figure out how to do it if you do not already know. Make sure that you will meditate on a daily basis. We can guarantee that it is going to want is for your nervousness. Follow these simple rules, these simple techniques you will and we can guarantee that you will not feel as nervous as you used to. You will be able to assess situations much better and you will eventually emerge a winner.

12 Feb 2017

Is Spread Betting Really Safe?


This is indeed an excellent question. You see, the idea of spread betting has been around for a while now. Many people out there believe that, spread betting is the best way for them to make money. However, all of those people do not take the time to take into account certain problems that could occur because of spread betting.

People always lose money

We all know that, when it comes to betting in general, there are always problems. You could always end up losing money instead of earning. For example, if you were to bed $100 and you were to lose that bed that someone else would take the $100. However, with spread betting things are actually be different. When most people ask, is spread betting risky there is only one appropriate answer.

Yes, spread betting is risky and it can actually become a lot riskier if you’re not careful enough. You see, with an ordinary type of betting, if you were to lose you would simply use the money you bet it to begin with. With spread betting you would actually lose even more money. That’s right, if you’re not careful enough and if you do not know exactly what you’re betting on and how things are going to go there is a pretty good chance that you will actually end up with a huge debt that you did not bet to begin with. Now, this is possible because of the fact that, when it comes to spread betting we are talking about enormous amount of money. This is basically how the market around this particular type of betting works.

Simple ways to save your betting

Luckily for you, there are ways around it. The most common way would be for you to actually be careful when you are spread betting and of course, focus on doing it as safe as possible. However, if you have never heard of this particular thing, playing safe when it comes to spread betting then, the only thing you need will be to focus on finding someone to inform you on these kind of stuff.

There are certain companies and of course certain websites that will be able to provide you with more than enough information on the field. Find them, check out as many information as possible and if you still consider spread betting to be too risky for you then simply don’t do it. However, we all know that, there is always something sweet about danger. The idea of winning more money than what you could possibly imagine. This is why most people do it and this is most likely why you would do it.

21 Jan 2017

People Love Having Their Professional Photographs Taken. Are You One Of Them?


There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a person who loves to have their personal professional photograph taken. You see, many people might actually think that you are a bit full of yourselves. They will insist that, you do not need to pay for that amount in order for you to get a professional photograph taken when you can simply use your smart phone and some good light. Well, are you a professional photographer? And most importantly, are they?

This is your choice

If you feel like spending your money on having your professional photograph taken by people will most certainly be able to bring out your most attractive features then you might as well do it. You see, this is something that is going to make you feel great about yourselves. You know you are beautiful but, reminding that yourselves every now and then is really not a bad thing.

And a professional photograph will most certainly be able to do this for you. So, if you truly love to have your professional photograph taken in the first thing you will need to do would be to search for a photo studio that not only will be able to take that professional photograph of yours but will also be able to take care of all the preparation.

A good and comfortable environment

You see, you must make sure that you will never forget about the fact that, there is a certain production that needs to take place in order for you to manage and get the best professional photograph out there. And if you definitely want to have the best one then you will need to focus on the production.

You will want to feel comfortable in that environment. You will want someone to take care of your hair and make-up beforehand, you will want a truly professional photographer to take your photos. And in order for you to acquire all of that, you will need to focus on finding a studio that will be able to guarantee and also show you that they will definitely do this for you.

An extensive research will definitely play a very important role in this particular case. After all, you need to remember that, no matter how many times you take around photograph, you will never be able to recreate the truly professional photograph taken by a professional photographer.

26 Dec 2016

The Different Collections You Should Check At Online Surplus Store Canada

It should be noted that searching for the right online surplus store Canada can be a bit complicated. It would be hard to find a store that truly has everything that you are probing for all in one place. If you have always liked things that are related to the military then an online surplus store can be a small haven for you. Of course, your main goal here is not only to find things that are related to the military. You would also like to find items that are priced much lower as compared to when you purchase from specialty stores.

DSC04189.jpg (400×300)

The moment that you look at the online surplus store in Canada, you cannot help but feel overwhelmed because there are so many collections and categories available. How can you possibly choose the one that you actually need? If you are already an expert, you can check out all the categories and find the ones that you like but if you are a newbie, then here are a few collections you have to check:

  1. Apparel

The best thing about military goods is that they are already considered as staples in people’s closets. It does not matter whether you are male or female. You will always appreciate that nice looking military jacket. You will not be disappointed with the combat boots that you can purchase from the surplus store as well. The best part is that these combat boots are real and can truly protect your feet. They are quite nice when paired with different pieces of clothing.

  1. Accessories

Do you want real badges that you can place on your denim jacket? You can find real badges from the accessory section of the army surplus online Canada. You will find shades too that you can wear all over and over again. You will be happy with all the accessories that you can get.

  1. Shooting Gear

If you would check out Hero outdoors shooter gear, you will notice that there are different items that you can purchase and use for your different hunting needs. If you need a crossbow then you do not need to look any further. There are also a lot of unique items that you will not find all the time. When was the last time that you have actually seen a slingshot being sold? You can find the slingshot you want from the surplus store. There is still a lot of gear just waiting to be discovered.

  1. Knives

There is a big chance that you are building your very own survival kit and you cannot complete it without choosing the right knife. Knives can be expensive especially if you are searching for knives that you can bring with you wherever you go. It is not advisable to bring a kitchen knife with you, right? Checking out surplus stores will give you an opportunity to buy the knife you have always wanted for a lower and discounted price.

When you check out different stores, the sections will all be named differently and how the items are categorized may also be changed but chances are, these are the collections that will be most appealing to you.

12 Nov 2016

Why You Should Use A Photo Studio For Your Family Photos

With the cell phones that have cameras, more and more people don’t use the photo studios in New Jersey anymore. This is because taking the photos with the cell phone is so much easier and convenient. However, there are some good reasons why you should consider using a professional photo studio for your family photos.

Jareske-110857_num2-500x357.jpg (500×357)

Professional look

The first reason is that when it comes to your family photos, you want to make sure that you have some of the best photos that you can have for a very long time. And, when it comes to using a photo studio for your photos, you are not going to have just a couple of photos, but you are going to have a professional looking photo that you can frame and keep forever.

You will not get the same effect when you are taking the photos yourself. Even if you are good in taking photos.

The right lighting

When you are trying to take a photo with a normal camera or even with your cell phone, you will notice that most of the time, the lighting isn’t correct, and the photo will be too light or even too dark.

If you are going to a photo studio, you will know that the professional photographer will know exactly how bright the lighting should be to get really great photos.

Something to keep forever

Families are precious and you want to make sure that you have as many photos as possible of your family. This is because you will never know when the family might be gone forever.

By hiring a photo studio, will give you the chance of taking really great photos that you can keep forever. Something to remind you of your family and to even remember how great the experience of taking the photo was. You can do the same with a cell phone camera, but the experience will be missing.

There are so many reasons why you should consider going to a photo studio for taking your family photos. Time goes by so fast, and you want to make sure that you are keeping something to hold on to when your children are grown up and out of the home. And, the memories of taking the photo professionally, are something that you and your family will have forever, no matter what. Families are precious and you want to take at least one professional photo at a photo studio.

07 Nov 2016