Payne Glasses Is Introducing Glasses In Style

Payne Glasses Is Introducing Glasses In Style
20 Dec

Payne glasses are the stylish way to protect your eyes from the dangers of blue light technology. The company, based in the US, specializes in transition blue light protection glasses that are lightweight and unquestionably fashionable. Blue light protective glasses consist of lenses that have been treated to filter out the blue spectrum of light that can contribute to sleepless nights and eye pain. The creators behind the lenses use their expertise to ensure that the size and weight of the lenses are not compromised when adding in the technology. But why should you get blue light filtering glasses?

In today’s world we all spend several hours a day staring at blue light screens, these range from your computer to your phone to your tablet to your e-reader. Most new light bulbs also emit light in the blue spectrum, making it truly impossible to escape from. Blue light has been shown to be harmful to the circadian rhythm if exposure to it happens too close to bedtime, and it contributes to digital eye strain. When avoiding looking at screens is impossible and being in environments where they use light bulbs that emit blue light wavelength is hard to control, the best way to protect yourself is to add blue light filters to your glasses.

Payne Glasses will seamlessly add blue light filtering to your lenses while not conceding on form. Their lenses are extremely lightweight and as flat as possible to ensure they fit the most current frame styles. To get as flat a lens as possible, experts at Payne Glasses use science that reduces refraction without adding more material. Aside from adding the blue light filter, the makers of the lenses also integrate anti-reflection coating, another defense against the blue light of screens.

You can choose from their wide selection of frames that even includes children’s sizes. As soon as you visit their website you will notice that they have extremely low prices for frames, they work their hardest to make sure the client gets quality frames for affordable prices. From choosing a frame, to choosing the specifications of your lenses, to receiving your brand new glasses in the mail, Payne Glasses makes the process a breeze. You’ll love the lightness of your new pair of stylish frames, and you’ll really enjoy the clarity of vision your lenses afford you.


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